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New 9 volt 110mah resin coated monocrystalline solar panel,ideal for charging rechargeable batteries for mobile phones,gpss,solar lights,rechargeable tools etc up to 7.2 volt,very light weighing approx 70grams and measuring just 137mm x 85mm these small 9 volt solar panels are ideal for expeditions and outdoor camping activities where weight and size is an issue,these 9 volt solar panels are constructed using fibreglass and epoxy resin making them waterproof and very strong,they are fitted with 1metre of cabling and are supplied with a reverse current protection diode which must be used if the panel is to be left connected to a battery overnight to prevent any battery discharge,they can be run in sets of two wired in series (approx 2 watts output) for 12volt battery charging if required as they make an excellent trickle charger or they can be used singularly to charge small 6volt and 7.2volt rechargeable batteries,resin 9 volt solar panels like these are suitable for lots of different applications, they can be easily fixed to most hard surfaces by either glue or mastic on the rear or you could stick velcro to the fibreglass backing for an easily removeable alternative,price includes uk delivery.

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